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Petpuls smart collar with the ability to identify the emotional states of the animal body

A technology startup called Petpuls has developed a smart collar that can detect the emotional states of dogs.

Petpuls has used voice recognition technology for this smart collar. This technology can detect 5 emotional states of the animal. This collar communicates the emotional state of the animal to its owner through the sound of the dog barking and analyzing it. Dog behavior analysis such as emotional state will translate and send to the user through iOS or Android application.

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Some Information About Petpuls

This four and a half meter collar can be paired with a mobile phone and track all the activities. Also, monitoring the dog’s rest and the amount of diet and sleep of the animal is possible with the help of this smart collar. The AI algorithm used in this collar transmits all the needs of the animal to the owner through sound translation. In the soundbank of the algorithm used, more than ten thousand sounds of 50 races have been used.

The main idea of ​​making this smart collar done by Seoul National University. According to the tests performed, the accuracy of detecting this collar is about 80%. We can use this collar with a single charge for up to 10 hours. This collar has the waterproof ability.

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