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Making a TV remote control equipped with a solar panel

Samsung unveiled its new solar panel remote controls. It seems that all Samsung TVs in the new year have this type of remote control that can be charged with indoor and outdoor lighting.

Various equipments and technologies were introduced during the CES 2021 online exhibition, one of which is the Samsung TV remote controls. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this remote can be charged with sunlight.

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The Material Of This Remote Control

The solar panel placed for this remote control, in addition to outdoor light, can also be charged with indoor lights. Even if there is no light, this remote can charge itself through a normal USB port. The material of This remote is a type of plastic or “polyethylene terephthalate”; We can recycle it and according to Samsung, this remoteControl is environmentally friendly in all respects.

Samsung claims that using this solar remote control can prevent the loss of 99 million batteries in 7 years. So in the future, dependence on batteries through remotes like the one made by Samsung will be reduced. All Samsung TVs that will introduce in 2021, come with this solar remote controller.

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