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E-Data unveiled the new DDR5 RAMs at 8400 MHz

E-Data unveils its new DDR5 RAMs with special hardware specifications. These DDR5 memories are to be marketed in 64 GB capacities with a frequency of 8400 MHz.

E-Data, in partnership with MSI and GIGABYTE, will produce 64GB of memory at 8,400 MHz. This year seems to be the last year of DDR4 RAM production. Because DDR5 RAMs with special features and higher technology are going to replace other DDR4 RAMs.

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According to reports, these memories can be supported by Intel Alder Lake 12th generation processors. E-Data has announced that initial tests to support these processors are nearing completion.

DDR5 RAM performance is much higher than DDR4 RAM and the reason is the increased data transfer rate. The main purpose of producing these new memories was to increase the capacity of each module and increase its frequency. So now these RAMs will be produced in capacities of 64 GB and frequency of 8400 MHz.

Most users previously expected DDR5 RAMs with frequencies up to 5,200 MHz. But now the release of 8400 MHz memory can be very attractive and exciting for them. E-data has announced that it will start producing 64 GB of memory in the first place with a frequency of 8400 MHz. These RAMs are also expected to come with Intel Alder Lake processors. These processors are part of a series of 10-nanometer Intel processors with Golden Cove cores. Intel will produce this group of processors in a hybrid type for the desktop class. The release of these processors will begin in the second half of the new year.

Other features of these memories include support for Single Error Correction or SEC and ECC error correction and Decision Feedback Equalizer.

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