Quantum Internet
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Building a kind of quantum internet modem with the help of a mirror

In addition to quantum computing, quantum physics researchers have also developed the quantum Internet. Recently, scientists have succeeded in creating a technology that also uses quantum modems.

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Quantum Internet is the type of Internet that is more secure than the current type. It will not be possible to hack it. In addition to commercial and practical quantum computers, many scientists have put the development of the quantum Internet on their agenda.

“QuantumInternet will soon be used for communication and will be able to increase the computing power of quantum computers,” said Andreas Reiser, a physicist at the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

Scientists were also able to use quantum physics to use optical photons to store information. In this way, it will be possible to use current fiber optic networks in the quantum Internet.

To use the quantum Internet, We use the chemical element erbium and its electrons; which does not have much tendency to quantum mutation. That’s why researchers used erbium atoms and moving infrared photons to build modems that could be used on the QuantumInternet. Also inside these modems is a kind of miniature mirror cabinet, and its temperature has dropped to minus 271 degrees Celsius.

The cooled crystals of erbium atoms were somewhat stable and could interactively emit infrared photons tens of thousands of times. The presence of mirrors in this system speeds up quantum launch up to 60 times faster. This jump will also allow the transfer of information. Of course, information transfer is still a problem, and scientists are trying to find new solutions to it.

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