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195 kg single-seater flying machine without the need for a license

The Hexa is a lightweight flying machine weighing 432 pounds will be powered by 18 independent rotors. This vehicle does not require a pilot’s license.

The impact of innovation on human life

The vehicle is controlled by a joystick and operated by an autopilot system; which, according to the manufacturer Hexa, makes it safer to drive than a small traditional aircraft. The U.S. Air Force tested the flying vehicle at Camp Mabrey, a base near Austin, Texas.

The test flight was part of the Agility Prime project; The Agility Prime project is a partnership between private airlines and the US Air Force, which aims to add flying vehicles to the US Air Force fleet and expedite their introduction to the consumer market.

The Agility Prime project is based on competitions in which all interested companies can submit their developments to the Air Force, and if they win by receiving money and orders, access to test sites and safety and air certifications. they do.

The basic conditions for participating in this competition are that the US Air Force needs a type of “eVTOL” aircraft that can carry three to eight soldiers and have a range of more than 161 km and at least one hour faster. Fly from 161 km.

In addition, we can control the flying machine remotely, automatically, or directly by the pilot. By 2023 the US Air Force will buy some of these flying vehicles.

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